Hitting The Jackpot: Get A Vegas Budget Vacation!

24/7 Las Vegas can offer you non-stop excitement. It doesn’t really matter if you gamble or not, for sure this city can be as entertaining as it can be. However, even if you’re not gambling, your vacation budget could easily dwindle away if you’re going to stay in a mega resort, and have all your meals in five star restaurants. Additionally, taxis are quite expensive, and most of the prime show tickets cost over $100.

That could be pretty bloody on your pocket! Hence, here are some tips on how you could save some bucks on hotels, transportation, entertainment, sight seeing, and a lot more!

Finding A Hotel

While still at the planning part of your trip, be sure that you check out different hotel Web sites on the Internet. A lot of hotels can have special offers of online rates that are already discounted. In fact such packages are already inclusive of buffet or restaurant credits.

You may also want to visit the Web site of Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority. They can give you very useful information on what’s happening in Las Vegas during the days or period that you’ll be visiting. They can also provide you helpful suggestions where you can finds inexpensive entertainment.

Going Around Town

When you get to Las Vegas, it would be better if you just take a shuttle going to your hotel. Taxis in this city are quite, while taking the shuttle would only cost you $6.00. You may also want to purchase a bus pass good for 24 hours, which only costs $5.00. It is recommended that you use the CAT “Deuce” double-decker bus if you want to travel from one strip to the other. This bus can tour you virtually downtown and it stops at almost every casino and hotel down the strip. The stops are quite easy to find since they’re marked with either bus shelters or signs.

Food Talk

In regard to food, if you really want to maximize your budget, then you should avoid eating in hotels, unless your hotel package includes meals already. What you should do instead is make good use of your bus pass,hot tub and ride the deuce down south going to the Las Vegas Outlet Center.

This center can offer you vast number of reasonably priced food joints and restaurants such as Outback, Chili’s, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, IHOP, in addition to quite a few other chain and local restaurants.

Go For Free!

Entertainment and activities in Vegas need not to be expensive nor paid for. You can always take advantage of various free events in the city. You may want to try out visiting The Bellagio Hotel that caters The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and The Fountains of Bellagio.

Their Conservatory display is changed four times in a year, but remains to be consistently beautiful and worthy of a visit. The Fountains on the other hand could be seen from Las Vegas Boulevard. The dancing waters with the accompaniment of your favorite music are definitely a worthwhile sight to see. The show is pretty amazing and is worth watching for several times, since each show is unique from the other.

You can also take the Deuce and go downtown Las Vegas, where you could see Fremont Street Experience. This magical light and music show covers quite a few blocks, and is definitely spell binding!